CEDaR Student Publications!

Hook_Kimberlite_SmCEDaR student Laura Benakoun and CEDaR affiliate Benjamin Hook both published papers in the the journal Tree Ring Research. Laura’s paper came out of work that she did at the 2012 North American Dendroecological Field week. Benjamin’s paper describes a method of preparing mummified wood for tree-ring analysis, which he is undertaking as part of his doctoral research in Jochen Halfar’s lab at the University of Toronto.

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“Expert” commentary on the Rim fire in Yosemite

Apparently Ze’ev was the only forest ecologist in Canada to show up for work today.  I spent the afternoon emailing a Global Media reporter about the Rim fire in California, and here’s what came out of it: http://globalnews.ca/news/802861/giant-sequoia-will-rise-again-despite-severe-california-wildfire-expert/  It turns out that all it takes to become an expert is to answer your phone…Image

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CEDaR Representation at CAG

Stylin' CAG 2013CEDaR lab member Vanessa Stretch packed up and drove on out to the Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting in St. John’s, Newfoundland last week with a few fellow UofG geographers. She presented preliminary analyses of the tree-ring record of fire in the Alberta Foothills – in one of the three ‘Dendrochronology in Canada’ sessions! While a few days were spent conferencing, a few more were spent hiking and camping the beautiful landscapes of ‘The Rock’.

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Road Trip to London

DSC_0436On Thursday, May 30th, the CEDaR lab took the new truck to London, Ontario, for a training session with research collaborator Katrina Moser.  We learned lots about rafts, the hazards of handling long metal poles in lightning storms, and the importance of anchors.  We also established the seaworthiness of the SS CEDaR (nominal, as it turns out).  There were secondary lessons to be learned in sunscreen, hydration (Ze’ev), and the effectiveness of mud as a cooling agent (Nina).

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Look out AmeriDendro!


The CEDaR lab is going to Ameridendro!  This year the conference is in Tucson, Arizona – the mecca of tree-ring research and the birthplace of North American dendrochronology.  Vanessa Stretch will present a poster showing her progress analyzing fire scars and tree-ring data from the Foothills region of Alberta.  Kerry Schutten will present a poster showing her work on sugar maple and climate change in Algonquin Provincial Park.  Ze’ev is pretty confident, though, that the highlight will be the new, hot-off-the-mass-spec results from the tropical hurricane stable isotope analysis project.  It’s amazing how much work and money it can take to generate negative results!  Oh well, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

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CEDaR Research in the news

ImageUndergraduate student Katy Jonker wrote this article for Spark about work that a number of CEDaR lab members are working on.  Graham Clark collected some of the initial wood samples; Kerry Schutten worked on the alpha cellulose extraction; and Mike Evans is analyzing the 18O concentrations in the wood.  I’ve worked with a number of professional media officers and journalists over the years, and this is definitely one of the better articles written about our work.

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